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Literary Laura is a boutique book concierge: a personalized recommendation platform for readers.

How does it work?
Complete the book concierge consultation to be matched with a book that exceeds your expectations.
Do you enjoy page-turning thrillers that keep you up past your bedtime? Do you want to get lost in a romantic, sweeping family drama? Or do you typically plow through history books, but you’re in the mood for something light and sweet? Whether you need a book for the beach or one to enjoy with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a crackling fire, Literary Laura’s highly attuned service will pair you with a book like a fine wine with a chef’s special.

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Literary Laura is an independent agent and is not sponsored by any publisher.

"Laura's personalized book recommendations were an absolute delight! A few books I never would have picked for myself but fell in love with!"

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How It Started

There’s something magical about bookstores.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve found solace in the shelves lined with colorful spines, the stacks arranged just so, and the organizational systems—fiction and nonfiction, new releases and classics, biographies, memoirs, science fiction and novels.


Bookstores offer an opportunity to choose your own adventure. Each book you pick up is a chance to disappear inside a story, travel to another land, or to another place & time. Books are transformative, and I’ve been in awe of their power my entire life.

I’ve fantasized about owning a cozy little bookstore, maybe one with a coffee shop and bakery inside (gluten free, of course). A sweet space where people can connect with books and other readers, where one can sit with an iced mocha and a scone and spend a few blissful hours enjoying a book of poetry.


The physical storefront itself presents the biggest challenge to my bookstore owner & operator dream. Amazon took over the bookselling industry and the pandemic made safe indoor shopping a challenge, so this is not the ideal time to open an independent bookstore.


That’s why I’m launching the next best option: a book concierge service.

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