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White Ivy by Susie Yang

A blistering page-turner about desire, wealth, and best-laid plans gone awry, White Ivy is a stunner in every sense of the word. Ivy is enrolled in a private school as child, where she is exposed to a world that is unimaginable based on her family’s immigrant status. She falls for her classmate Gideon, and never forgets the innumerable lessons she learned (many of which were humiliating) dipping her toe in the waters of status in which the overwhelming majority of her fellow students reside. A chance encounter many years later brings Gideon and Ivy into each others’ orbit once again. Will Ivy land the man of her dreams? Will her planning and scheming pay off? Or, will a man from her old neighborhood, who knows her truth and her heart, light her carefully plotted future on fire? White Ivy features a bevy of incredibly drawn characters and a plot that took my breath away. Give yourself two days to finish it, and be prepared to lend your copy to everyone you know.

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